In Canada, have computer, will blog.

1 07 2012

So I’ve not been putting that much up on the blog part of my own site, because truth be told I’ve been really busy whoring my blog skills to other websites. I’m currently a guest Blogger during my tour this year talking about all thing fringey on killer website BLOODY UNDERRATED (here’s a link to my latest BLOG).

Victoria, who does a weekly comic for BU, drew this awesome strip which features a cameo by yours truly so though I’s share it…

ABOVE: Myself, Al from Bloody Underrate and Elizabeth Blue…Podcasters

I also did a super-fun Podcast with Al from Bloody Underrated, who chatted to me about tour stuff and even let me guest-program some tunes. Check that out HERE!

During Montreal Fringe I did another Podcast with the guys from 9to5 which featured my lovely Fringe pal Elizabeth Blue. You listen to us talk about our shows and all thing Montreal on the GO PLUG YOURSELF PODCAST HERE!

I also recently wrote a weird piece about Fringe Festivals for THE CHARLEBOIS POST which has just launched it’s new Toronto website.

So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to…THAT is what I’ve been up to.




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