13 12 2012

Hey gang. Two quick things.

1. I’m looking for a new title* for my Fringe show for next year. The show is about time travel. You can visit the ZACK ADAMS FACEBOOK PAGE and vote for your favourite potential title. Thanks for your help.

2. If I made an  internet talk show from my bedroom…would you guys watch that shit?

Thanks guys.


P.S. I am now on Instragram if you want to see pictures of cats and food that I am eating, I’m @shaneadamczak. Also, still very much into tweeting it up at @zackadamscomedy. Please follow me you guys, I NEED THIS!!!!

*A few people have asked why I’m changing the title. It’s just because the first solo show I toured to Canada with was called LOVE SONGS FOR FUTURE GIRL and the next year’s show’s old title was “A VISION OF MY FUTURE SELF”. I don’t want people to get confused.



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