25 08 2015


So a few years ago I started a dumb little award ceremony at the end of The Edmonton Fringe and this year Murray Utas, The big boss man of the Festival, invited me to present them as part of the closing night celebrations in addition to the “proper” fringe awards. Pretty fun stuff. Fun awesome festival. So for those that were there and for those that are curious, here are the 2015 ZACKIE AWARD WINNERS!

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00. We came saw we conquered AWARD Attendance and participation

WINNER- Everyone!

1.”Hi I’m a dear award – for most endearing portrayal of an animal in a show”
WINNER – Sam Mullins (accepted by Devin Mackenzie)
Honorable mentions – Lawrence & Bever Play Bingo, Bear Dreams, Caws And Effect, Hip-Bangs slow fighting sloths & Shirley Gnome’s camel toe.

2. The Sam Mullins Award for most MIA fringer

WINNER- Sam Mullins

3. The BURN THE WITCH! Show me how that stinking shoe trick is done you harry potter motherfucker

WINNER- Travis Bernhardt

4. Winning streak Best beard award
WINNER – Leif Ingebrigtsen (from Beautiful Nonsense)
Hon mentions – James Jordan, Richard Martizer , Ross Vegas, Kevin from LNC

5. Honey I Shrunk The Fringe Award for littlest fringers –
*The Cast of Fiddler On The Roof couldn’t be there to win because their show was still going
WINNER – Jon Bennett

6. I wanna Spin that propeller yank that scarf award  – Sexy clowns
WINNER- Beau And Aero
Hon mentions – every other clown show

7. The mask doesn’t move and i don’t understand this and I’m scared and hows he gonna fuck the moon nononononono I’m scared – 3 stars Award


8. I got your dick right here and he says congrats on your stupid award Award

WINNER – Tara Travis (from Searching For Dick)

9. The Your happiness and relationship stability makes me sick award (for Cutest couple) Award

Hon mentions- richard&ingrid, beau&aero, martin&vanesssa, tim motely&anyone, erica&paul, jess&chloe (claws and effect) tom&amy
WINNERS – Peter ‘n Chris

10. Self indulgent award for sexiest Australian

WINNER – Whitney Richards (Trampoline)

11. The Are you human? Are you kind? That goat song is never ever leaving my brain and i dont ever want it to award (for most whimsical show)-

WINNER – Yanomi from Kiss Around Pass Around

12. Man if this keeps up I could get four solo shows out of this award for Best Dead grandparent show

WINNER – Katie Dorian (How Often Do I Dream?)
Hon mentions – Andrew Bailey, Adam Bailey and Sam Mullins

13. The Lyle Lovett commemorative golden kazoo award for the funniest musical ladies

WINNER – Shirley Gnome and the Famous Haydel Sisters

14. The Let Me Win An Award Because I Never Win Awards Award

WINNER -Bike Boy

15. That just ain’t Reich award – most swastikas on your poster

WINNER – ingrid garner from Eleanor’s Story

16. The Come flyer with me come flier lets flier away Award – for amazing dedication and scheduling of hand billing

WINNER – Andrew Bailey

17. Breast of Fest Award (for great fringe exposure)

WINNER- Thea fitz-james (Naked Ladies)
Hon mentions – Rosie Bits,  Eleanor O’brien,  Oh Manada and the #yegfringefemmes collective

18. The Jem Rolls award for most jemmy Jem Rolls of the fest Jem Rolls lifetime achievement award


And finally

The Thanks for Letting me Do My Stupid Awards at your awesome fringe award

WINNER – Murray Utas (Festival Director)





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