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A boy meets girl story that’s less than ordinary.


Written By Shane Adamczak (based on the blog Matt’s Dream Journal)

Directed by Damon Lockwood & Shane Adamczak


What happens when a dreamer meets the girl of his dreams?


WINNER  – 2014 Turnstile Award.

“This is a well written and cleverly acted play that will delight and amuse but also make you questions your notions of normal” – The Australian Times

“Adamczak’s trademark lighthearted humour will appreciate an interesting change of pace as this dark comedy reveals moments of real heartbreak… But that’s not to say your face won’t hurt from laughing as you leave the theatre. Layered and touching, Trampoline is a gorgeous piece of theatre you won’t soon forget.” -Bloody Underrated

“Adamczak, takes that idea of boy meets girl and turns it on its head, creating a wonderfully absurd piece that will have you laughing in your seat….Trampoline is easily one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while” – The AU Review

“Shane Adamczak is a comic writing genius in my book. His short play Trampoline is one of the most endearingly whimsical love stories to grace the small stage I’ve ever seen. It packs such a ‘feel good’ punch that once its finished you’ll want to go straight back into the theatre and watch it all over again.”


“Working with a strong script, skilful technical support and talented comic actors, Trampoline is a perfect dream for creators and audiences alike… Short, sweet, quirky, produced with passion – Trampoline has all the elements that demonstrate why The Blue Room Theatre is such a vital part of Perth’s cultural milieu. ✭✭✭✭1/2” –

TRAMPOLINE is the story of Matt, a dreamer whose worlds of fiction and reality are constantly being intertwined and combined into a surreal dreamscape mash-up of fiction, imaginary characters and real (although utterly bizarre) people. He finds it hard to fit in, or so he is told.

IMG_5093IMG_5216 IMG_5270

As part of his ongoing treatment, his therapist Doctor Vangillies suggests he start keeping a dream journal and documenting his dreams, nightmares, thoughts and fears. Matt’s journal serves as way to talk about what he sees, what is real and what is product of his vivid imagination and for while, it proves very effective, that is, until he meets Kelly.

The new neighbor across the street, Kelly is beautiful, talented, funny and she even has a trampoline, Matt is instantly smitten.

The show follows their awkward and impossible courtship as Matt struggles to find what is most important to him and what reality it belongs in.

“The acting under the directorship of Damon Lockwood was wonderful. The expressions, characterisation, accents and body language were well-observed and fully exploited, to achieve maximum fun…One of the Blue Room’s funniest shows for a long time. Great team work. Highly recommended.” – Theatre Australia

IMG_5101 IMG_5177IMG_5147

“Trampoline is offbeat and refreshing, jam-packed with laughs, and just a bit touching…Whimsical doesn’t even begin to describe Trampoline. Shane Adamczak’s writing is so close to life, whilst being just a little bit strange, that it makes for enjoyable theatre. Trampoline is nothing less than great fun and worth a look if you’re in the mood for an upbeat comedy with some touching themes.” –

” This dark comedy is equal parts touching, funny, awkward and sad, and the characters will tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go.”

Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 05

(ABOVE Shane Adamczak and Amanda Woodhams. Image by Mitchell Richards)

2013 Montreal Cast (Play reading): Shane Adamczak, Alison Louder, Lea Rondot and Patrick Rogers.

2013 Australian Cast: Shane Adamczak, Amanda Woodhams and Ben Russell

2014 Australian Cast: Shane Adamczak, Amanda Woodhams and Damon Lockwood

2014 Montreal Cast: Shane Adamczak, Stevie Pemberton and Vance Gillis


Montreal Trampoline Cast



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Daybreak, CBC Montreal – Interview, Audio (Scroll down to “Fringe Favourite back with feature play” story)


“The three-person cast were incredible, clearly experienced performers, who immersed themselves in their roles and drew the audience into the tale from the very beginning. …The 60 minute play was performed without a hitch, and was, and is likely to remain, the most enjoyable hour of my week. I cannot recommend this production more highly.” – Colosoul Magazine

“Adamczak again displays his natural ability to completely immerse himself in his characters and draw the audience into his world. Along with the equally excellent performances by Stevie and Vance  the play is both touching and hilarious.”Culture Plus



Montreal – Mainline Theatre, May 19th (Play reading/development)

Perth – The Blue Room Theatre


Perth – Subiaco Arts Centre

Montreal – Mainline Theatre


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