title jane shane


The hilariously irresponsible and immature Shane and Jane are the resident assistants at the Mount Henry Primary School Tuckshop who have more growing up to do than the children they serve.

Welcome to Mrs C’s Tuckshop at Mount Henry Primary School, where the iced buns are fresh and the cheesies are always cheesier. Shane and Jane are the two resident kitchen hands who are quite content making hamburgers and cheesies for the rest of their lives and living amongst the mad assortment of characters that inhabit the School.

Like two children trapped in an adult world, the charmingly reckless Shane and Jane seemed to have somehow made it this far in life despite avoiding all responsibility or consequences and have no plans to change their ways any time soon.  The break the rules, they play pranks, they fool around and make it a point to milk the most fun out of every day.

But when the call of adulthood, romantic relationships, curriculum cut-backs and actual WORK begins to threaten their friendship and all that they hold dear; they must do everything they can to save the ridiculous world of the Tuckshop they have created.

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