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Written and Performed By Shane Adamczak

Sound design by Michael Fragomeni

Original live tunes by Shane Adamczak

(Originally titled A VISION OF MY FUTURE SELF 2008/09 Seasons)


In order to find out if his career will ever really take off, Perth-born actor/comedian Zack Adams decides he must travel through time to find his future self. In the year 2018, Zack finds himself on a comical,  musical adventure involving a beautiful parking inspector, a man with two left hands and a 1979 Datsun Stanza.

JUST FOR LAUGHS AWARD (Best Comedy) –  Montreal Fringe Frankie Awards 2013 –  Nominee

CENTAUR THEATRE AWARD (Best English Theatre) –  Montreal Fringe Frankie Awards 2013 –  Nominee


“from the moment you got on stage you had the audience eating out of your hand. They loved everything you did no matter how wacky and random it may have seemed.” – The Link Newspaper

“Combining energetic comedic storytelling and snappy song ditties, Adams takes the concept of time travel to a whole irreverent level. He is a riot no matter what point in time he’s in. See “Zack to the Future” now … or maybe five years from now.” – West End Times (Montreal)

“Adamczak is an incredible performer with a sharp sense of humour, an absolute joy to watch. He takes on a variety of hysterical characters …and even demonstrates his talent as a puppeteer” – Bloody Underrated



Montreal Gazette “Top 10 Must-see” shows – June 2013

Montreal Gazette – June 2013

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Montreal Fringe Previews – Forget The Box Media


BloodyUnderrated – Montreal, June 2013

West End Times – Montreal, June 2013

CultMTL “Hot Picks Of The Fringe” – Montreal, June 2013

THE LINK NEWSPAPER – Montreal, June 2013

Montreal Gazette – Montreal, June 2013

ForgetTheBox – Montreal, June 2013

Montreal Fringe Website “Net Buzz” – June 2013


SINGER, actor, comedian and scrawny weirdo Zack Adams travels through time and the graveyard of forgotten jokes to 2018 where he hopes to spy on his future, hopefully famous, self. But he is distracted by a sexy parking inspector and a strange creatre with two left hands who provides some spooky insights and a strange choking scene. Telling this tale through a mix of stand up, hammy theatrics and guitar-backed jokes and songs, creator Shane Adamczak takes his enthusiastic audience on a wild ride. Zack Adams personifies the Fringe – original, multi-talented and able to do great things on a tiny budget.

-MEREDITH BOOTH – The Advertiser

“This show has it all; acting, singing, puppetry and even something than can be loosely referred to as dancing…The energy and atmosphere created on stage was remarkable with the performance greatly exceeding all my expectations…It was definitely a treat to see one man pull off a show of a genre that typically needs to employ a cast of hundreds…”

-Natalie Vikhrov, FRESH FM

Photo by David Maguire



Rechabites’ Hall – Perth

Adelaide Fringe Festival


The Blue Room Theatre – 25 Summer Nights Season


Montreal Fringe Festival

Edmonton Fringe Festival


Mainline Theatre, Montreal (As part of the ZACK IS BACK triple bill)


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13 12 2012

[…] I’m looking for a new title* for my Fringe show for next year. The show is about time travel. You can visit the ZACK ADAMS FACEBOOK PAGE and vote […]

13 06 2013

[…] by Pat Donnelly recent for the main Montreal Newspaper, The Gazette. We talked about my upcoming Fringe Show, my move to Montreal and why I’m so […]

22 06 2013

[…] ZACK TO THE FUTURE has been nominated for 2 FRANKIE AWARDS at this years Montreal Fringe, which is super awesome and I […]

7 08 2013
Edmonton Fringe Tickets On sale NOW! | ZACKADAMS.ORG

[…] HERE to buy tickets to my new show ZACK TO THE FUTURE at this year’s Edmonton Fringe. I’ve a had great time in Edmonton the last two years so […]

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