10 02 2013

This is kinda of cool. Through the awesome cats at Stages WA, (who helped dramaturge my show back in 2005) my first ever solo work A Complete History Of Zack Adams is now a published script that you can read and buy the rights to and perform!

It’s crazy and I’m super excited about it.

It would be super weird to see someone else perform a Zack show, but I would so stoked to see it happen. Zack has been a HUGE part of my life as an artist and this is a nice little thing that makes me feel, proud, I guess.

Check out my show’s page HERE at Australianplays.org.


30 01 2013

Hey gang, I’ve been writing a bunch of new stuff.  Here’s a few things you might wanna check out.

GUEST BLOG:Gentlemen, To Your Collaboration Stations.” A behind the scenes look at creating CAPTAIN SPACESHIP. Written for La Hacedora ~ The Creatoress ~ La Creatrice, the website of Daniela Smith-Fernández, who did all the probs and costume work on the show.

WEEKLY STORY: “The Ballad Of Frank Allen” an ongoing story about a tiny man that lives in my friend Al’s beard. For Bloody Underrated.

I also highly recommend checking out Matt’s Dream Journal.

Finally, here’s a half finished work for an up coming SPIN CHORUS project.



P.S. Montrealers, don’t forget that Captain Spaceship is happening at Mainline THIS FRIDAY!

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