24 09 2012

I’m super effing pumped to finally release this! A little while back my pal Tomas Ford remixed one of the tunes from my EP Love Songs For Future Girl and here it is! Now available online! Download it here with two bonus tracks!

While your there, you can also get the original Love Songs For Future Girl EP with THREE BONUS TRACKS for just $2 or the LOST SONGS OF OUTRAGEOUS LIES rarities album FOR FREE!

You’re welcome.




20 09 2012

Just announced is my brand new show CAPTAIN SPACESHIP, an Improvised Comedy Sci-Fi Serial!

It’s an exciting project with an insanely talented team involved, so I’m super excited to see what we can do with it…

Weeping Spoon Productions presents
An Improvised Comedy Sci-Fi Serial Adventure!

Join Captain Spaceship and his crew of intergalactic riff-raff as they travel through time and space exploring the cosmos, discovering new unchartered worlds and narrowly avoid copyright infringement.

Inspired by 1950’s Sci-fi serials, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Red Dwarf and 90210; The Captain and his crew will make up their ongoing epic adventures live onstage aided by the audience’s suggestions. They could end up anywhere and anyWHEN and will have only their sharp improv skills, some cheap costumes and maybe some lasers to defend themselves.So go where no man (or woman, or alien) has gone before as some of Montreal’s best improvisers (including members of The Big HOO-HAA, Uncalled For and Montreal Improv) plus an interstellar cast of talented guest stars brave the vacuum of space to protect mankind from the unknown…

Set phasers to FUN! *Cough*

Friday 5 October 2012 8pm
Thursday 1 November 2012 8pm
Friday 4 January 2013 8pm

Regular : 12.00$
People in Sci-Fi Costumes : 10.00$