31-8-18 #AugArts

31 08 2018

The final entry is a real fun one.

I’ve been wanting to start a new podcast for a while and today seemed as good a day as any to try it out. Thanks to Sam Longley for being my guinea pig.

Good Morning Mrs Strawberry and good morning Mrs Donut. I am your host Shane Adamczak, my guest this week is Sam Longely and we are going to try to make the world a better place. Our word this week is “donut”. This podcast goes for 25 minutes.


31-8-18 #AugArts

30-8-18 #AugArts

30 08 2018


30-8-18 Artwork for HearSej Podcast. Not the finished product, but here’s the pencils and ink for an image of Kav from Eskimo Joe I was fortunate enough to get to do for one of my favourite podcasts, HearSej by the amazing Seja Vogel. Well worth a listen. When this episode goes live, I will post the final image. Thanks to Seja. #AugArts


KAV for HearSej


29-8-18 #AugArts

29 08 2018


29-8-18 “CSI Mooloolaba

This dodgy Photoshop piece shows 2 main things:

1. I found some caution tape and

2. Sam is a very patient housemate. #AugArts

28-8-18 #AugArts

28 08 2018


28-8-18 Currently on tour in QLD with the big cheese himself, Sam Longley. Here’s a quick sketch I did of him. I think it looks like the lovechild of Sam and Captain Haddock from Tin Tin. #AugArts

27-8-18 #AugArts

27 08 2018

27-8-18 MELT (Short Film)

A short film created in about an hour for my #AugArts project where I’ve been putting out a piece of art every day for all of August.

This was based on a weird concept by my pal Patrick Hercamp.


26-8-18 #AugArts

26 08 2018

26-8-18 lior

26-8-18 “String Symphony”. I’m currently on tour in QLD working on this incredible project.

25-8-18 #AugArts

25 08 2018

Today I took the first step in the biggest and most ambitious project, one that  I’ve been wanting to start for a long time. I’ve started working on a screenplay adaptation of my 2013 play TRAMPOLINE. Today I share with you the first draft of the opening scene.

Brace yourselves for a future crowd funding campaign.

25-8-18 #AugArts

24-8-18 #AugArts

24 08 2018


23-8-18 #AugArts

23 08 2018

23-8-18 Taken on Sony A6000, tweeked in Photoshop. #AugArts

aug arts 23-8-18

22-8-18 #AugArts

22 08 2018



Hey big man next door

American pie four, eh?

You made an odd choice


Hey there Qantas lounge

What is going on in there?

Can I come in please?


Another flight now

Let’s get a wriggle on kids

Window seat goddamn


Really nice hotel

Seventy bucks for wifi

No neflix tonight


At the sunshine coast

Water water everywhere

Pokemon all round