Zackie Awards 2016!

23 08 2016

Last night was the 4th (!) annual (ish) Zackie Awards, my silly in-joke awards as part of The Edmonton Fringe Festival! Once again the big boss man Murray Utas let me do them as part of the closing night Artist party. Below are all the categories, honourable mentions and winners as well as some great images by Thea Fitz-James.

zackie 05


00. We came saw we conquered AWARD Attendance and participation – everyone!

01. Mostache you a question award – beard/facial hair based show
Ricky Coates from Tesla
Half the battle
Mostache Bros food truck
Ballad Of Frank Allen
WINNER – Mostache party

02. Improv award best Improv show award: POWERCUB

03. 1.5 stars!? Are you fucking kidding me!? See this is what happens  when you sent the weekend food review intern to review a fringe show, award. Martin dockery


04. I aint aftaid of no ghost, whats love got to do with it award/cutest couple –

Martin and Vanessa, Hip Bang, Peter n Chris, Sadie and Ricky, Jeff and Sydney,
WINNER – Hitodama Daniel and Seri 

zackie 02

05. The if it aint broke dont fix it award for a raddest return season show
Shirley gnome
Gangle in search of cruise control
Little orange man
Perpetual wed
Zack zultana space gigalo (fool me once)
WINER – Steve Larkin – Nonce

06. Im having an absolute mothball award for most improved bathrooms – Steel Wheels

07. Dad says i have to play award – Cutest little fringer –Exploited violin girl, 12 year old keyboard boy busting out Adele who just seems scared….WINNER – Jon Bennett

08. Socket to me award– Steph Robert – Blindside

09. High fidelity – Your musical education begins today Award
Stef cedilot – Zeppelin was a cover band

zackies 08

10. Kfc finger picking goid award – Chase Pagent – nashville hurricane

11. Sorry ladies/hurray for ladies award. You’re my girlfriend but also yay feminism –  Thea Fitz-James

12. Come flyer with me come Flier lets Flier away award – Adam Bailey, Kelly Finnegan, Steve Parkin…
WINNER – Trina lee ferris

zaclies 09

13. You ruined thanksgiving award-  Anthony from Perpetual Wednesday and the girls from The Seminar

14. Breast of fest award best exposure – Cameryn Moore, Nerdfucker

15. Jem rolls award for most jemmy jem rolls of the fest jem rolls lifetime achievement award – Rob Gee

zackies 10

See ya next year gang! #Zackies2016 #YegFringe

zackie 07


Fringe Fest Fest 2016!

20 02 2016

Sorry it’s been a while between drinks folks!

Since our return for the 2015 TRAMPOLINE Canadian Tour, I’ve written, produced and directed a BRAND NEW SHOW! THE BALLAD OF FRANK ALLEN opened this week to sold our houses, ★★★★★ reviews and nice nomination for Best Theatre Show at the 2016 Fringe World Festival. Needless to say, I’m on top of the world that my new baby (being raised by myself and my fellow Weeping Spooner, St John Cowcher) has been so well received.

shane quote page

The new Weeping Spooners are doing a great job helping me usher in the new year with some exciting new projects too, big things ahead including 2 shows touring Canada later in the year! But next stop, THE ADELAIDE FRINGE! With both TRAMPOLINE and FRANK ALLEN at the mighty Tuxedo Cat. Tickets on sale now! Please come check them out if you’re in that neck of the woods!

WEEPING SPOON Double AdFringe 2016


24 08 2014


There’s been some sweet press about the great new show This Is Not A Love Song currently playing at The Blue Room Theatre, the season is selling out really fast, so book tickets for Perth or Melbourne online now to avoid missing out!

Here’s few of the thing that have been popping up.

Interview with Greg Fleet – XPress Magazine (Aug ’14)

Interview With Greg Fleet – The Blue Room Website

Review – The West Australia (Aug ’14)

Review – ITA (Aug ’14)


Images by Paul Robinson


30 07 2014

This show is going to be amazing and will very likely sell-out early. Be sure to get your ticket now by visiting The Blue Room Theatre Website.FB banner 05


7 05 2014

It’s a been a crazy few weeks getting the new cast of Trampoline ready to go in Montreal, but I for one am super excited about the results and now it’s OPENING WEEK! Advanced tickets on sale HERE right now!


In the mean time check out some of the interviews/articles written so far plus be listening to Upstage on CKUT on Thursday around 6:00pm and to Daybreak on CBC Friday morning for more interviews about the show!

FORGET THE BOX interview

MONTREAL RAMPAGE interview/photos





14 03 2014

VICIOUS received a High Commendation at the Weekly Adelaide Fringe awards for Best Theatre, which was pretty awesome.

We also got another mention in The Sunday Mail’s Fringe round up The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“The Good this year involved some great and challenging theatre that really raised the bar for people who like more than just comedy out of the Fringe.Leading the way was Weeping Spoon’s take on lies and fall of the Sex Pistols called Vicious Circles at the Wine Underground. It was in-your-face, confronting, brilliant drama that took you back to a  time when Anarchy ruled the UK.” -Matt Byrne, The Sunday Mail


Vicious Circles 20130508_260 sm

Trampoline – Week 2 – REVIEWS

14 10 2013

“Adamczak, takes that idea of boy meets girl and turns it on its head, creating a wonderfully absurd piece that will have you laughing in your seat….Trampoline is easily one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while; a darkly comic take on a familiar theme, which will have you laughing right from the outset.” – The AU Review

The show is off to a great start, a completely sold out first week and some great reviews starting to pop up (will post more as they come out). I am joyfully overwhelmed with the response* so far and am extremely proud of everyone involved in this show. But there’s still work to be done…

Good tickets still available for the rest of the season, but are selling fast, so if you don’t want to miss out (and you don’t want to miss out, do you?!) make sure you book through The Blue Room Theatre Website. Booking in advance is fun and easy. We like when you do it.

Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 09

“ This dark comedy is equal parts touching, funny, awkward and sad, and the characters will tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go.” – (Canada)

“The three-person cast were incredible, clearly experienced performers, who immersed themselves in their roles and drew the audience into the tale from the very beginning. …The 60 minute play was performed without a hitch, and was, and is likely to remain, the most enjoyable hour of my week. I cannot recommend this production more highly.” – Colosoul Magazine

“Shane has skilfully constructed a superb script with several genres of comedy, from subtle to slapstick, all smoothly blended…The acting under the directorship of Damon Lockwood was wonderful. The expressions, characterisation, accents and body language were well-observed and fully exploited, to achieve maximum fun…One of the Blue Room’s funniest shows for a long time. Great team work. Highly recommended.” – Theatre Australia

*I don’t know if I can treat it as a credible media source, but a friend’s teenage daughter told me she liked the show “Even more than WICKED” which really made me smile.