22-8-18 #AugArts

22 08 2018



Hey big man next door

American pie four, eh?

You made an odd choice


Hey there Qantas lounge

What is going on in there?

Can I come in please?


Another flight now

Let’s get a wriggle on kids

Window seat goddamn


Really nice hotel

Seventy bucks for wifi

No neflix tonight


At the sunshine coast

Water water everywhere

Pokemon all round

21-8-18 #AugArts

21 08 2018

21-8-18 Asked for requests of simple objects on facebook and tried doodle them all out. #AugArts

21-8-18 doodles

20-8-18 #AugArts

20 08 2018

20-8-18 “THE CULL” – I was going to show you just one image from this set (the colour one) but it seemed only fair (and perhaps more interesting) to expose all the self indulgence of trying to take my own picture and picking one I was happy with. #AugArts

20-8-18 cull edit

19-8-18 #AugArts

19 08 2018

19-8-18 GARBAGE TRUCK SONG – My nephew loves the garbage truck, so I wrote him this song and spent today making a silly green screen video for it. #AugArts

18-8-18 #AugArts

18 08 2018


18-8-18 Photo of my bud Paul as we recorded an episode of our podcast The Cave today. #AugArts

17-8-18 #AugArts

17 08 2018


Today my goal was to try record and release an entire EP! 5 tracks (3 originals and 2 covers) recorded from scratch today with little to no equipment. It’s rough as hell and there’s bung notes a plenty but I do hope you enjoy it.

You can listen to it and/or buy it here for $1 if you like.

#AugArts © S.Adamczak 2018

16-8-18 #AugArts

16 08 2018


By Shane “I don’t impress you much” Adamczak


I lost twenty followers on Twitter over night

I’m not sure what went wrong.

The numbers often fluctuate

I’m used to that now

I can’t seem to crack eighteen hundred

I’ve made my piece with that.

But this was a noticeable loss.

I felt it in my heart

I felt in my ego.

I felt it.

But all I really posted yesterday was that picture of a bad Shania Twain tattoo that I drew.

Is that why you ran away? Coward.

Did that offend you?

Did that not make you feel like a woman?

Did that not impress you much?

From this moment on- are you not going to follow me?

Is that what happened?

Why did you leave?

Could I win you back, would I even want that?

No, I’m glad you’re gone.

You were the weak one.

I’m still here.

I’ll tweet on your grave.

No one will mourn you.

Fuck you. That tweet was funny.

All who remain are powerful and smart

And handsome and sexy and strong.

I lost twenty followers overnight.

I blame Shania Twain.

I realise now

I’m never getting a blue tick.


15-8-18 #AugArts

15 08 2018


So my cousin Josh asked me to design him a tattoo of anything I wanted and this is straight up the funniest thing I’ve ever thought of.


(But also, you’re a chicken if you don’t)15-8-18 bad tattoo of shania twai

14-8-18 #AugArts

14 08 2018

Art Haus Filme.

13-8-18 #AugArts

13 08 2018


13-8-18 Some candid  images of me in the studio editing this image. Meta.