28 11 2012

I am pleased to announce THE CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL happening at The Montreal Improv this December!

It’s going to be awesome! We will be celebrating the holidays with the crew of the S.S. Space Spaceship, making up a brand new episode of the Sci-Fi Comedy Serial right before your crazy eggnog fueled eyes!

If you’re already a fan of the show or haven’t made it along YET but want to catch up, you can find out all about what’s happened in Episode’s 1&2 on our CAPTAIN SPACESHIP TUMBLR PAGE. While you’re there you also might wanna check out Matt’s Dream Journal. Just sayin’.

In other news my self-published book SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT IN THE PLAYGROUND did pretty well at the Bloody Underrated table at Expozine and I had an awesome time. The rest of the books will be available to buy through the merch page of this website very soon, keep an eye out.

EDIT – If you’re in Montreal and wanna get your hand on my book, you can get it THIS SUNDAY (Dec 9th) at the BLOODY UNDERRATED table at St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival’s GalerieFRINGE at Mainline Theatre from Noon til about 8 I believe, you can also get your greasy paws on the BU Presents, Mostly Dinosaurs and B.O.A.T.S. comics…all of which I highly recommend! So got get some sweet art then head to The Montreal Improv for CAPTAIN SPACESHIP! Sunday, sorted. You’re welcome.



So, uh. THIS is almost finished…

7 11 2012



Coming soon to Montreal Expozine 2012! I’m pretty damn excited about this you guys…
No idea what I’m talking about? Then you really need to check THIS out.


Captain Spaceship Trading Cards

4 11 2012

So we’re two episodes into my new Improv Sci-Fi serial CAPTAIN SPACESHIP and it’s going super well. It’s being quite well-received so far and the cast is bloody amazing.

So, I decided to make us into trading cards…











The show is running every month so keep an eye out on my show dates page for dates/times or check out the CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CAPTAINS LOG, which is our encyclopedia page for all things that have happened on the show…