30 11 2013

Wow, what a crazy month it’s been. Running straight for the success of Trampoline to the Aussie debut of Captain Spaceship! I am super stoked with how well it went, the cast pick up the format and took to whole new awesome levels and our audiences we large and loyal, what more could a crew of intergalactic super-nerds ask for?

I am excited to announce that THERE’S A BONUS EPISODE happening December 19th at Lazy Susan’s and it’s the CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Come, it will be super!

It’s been a bit of “paper work and production” month…

I’ve been busy auditioning for a bunch of cool stuff in Australia and filming a few small parts in a mini-series and a feature film which has been really sweet. November has been a big month for shaping where I will be and what I will be doing for most of 2014…more news on that as soon AS I KNOW WHAT THE HELL I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE…*cough*

Big Vicious Circles news, Tickets for THE ADELAIDE FRINGE SEASON are on sale NOW! News for the Perth season will be released very shortly and there’s also a brand new Weeping Spoon Website coming soon!


spaceship crew

ABOVE: The cast of Aussie Captain Spaceship episode 1

Bounce back.

3 11 2013

Wow. What a trip.

Last week we finished up our “critically acclaimed” sold-out world debut season of TRAMPOLINE and I’m still finding it hard to put into words just how truly amazing it was. We had such amazing crowds, overwhelming great reviews and such positive feedback from the general public. For my first show back in Australia and my first brand new show in a few years, I was so relived to have the play so well received. I must admit, I put a lot of pressure on myself with this project, it was a huge undertaking, but I really couldn’t have asked for a better result. I am so incredibly proud of the show and all the people involved, this reminded my why I do what I do and why I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.


I want to say a MASSIVE thanks to my cast-mates Ben and Amanda, who really brought the characters in this show to Iife in a way I could’ve never imaged, I am so honoured to work with you both. To our director Damon, thank you for pushing us in each rehearsal to really bring the text to life and give it the heart, comedy and pathos it deserved. Our Stage Manager Louise who came on board fairly last minute but became an invaluable and extremely joyous member of our team and I hope we can all work together again soon. Thanks also to Mike deGrussa, Cherie Hewson, all at The Blue Room Theatre and all else who helped work on the show.

“Working with a strong script, skilful technical support and talented comic actors, Trampoline is a perfect dream for creators and audiences alike… Short, sweet, quirky, produced with passion – Trampoline has all the elements that demonstrate why The Blue Room Theatre is such a vital part of Perth’s cultural milieu. ✭✭✭✭1/2″ –

Be sure to check out the TRAMPOLINE SHOW PAGE for links to all our reviews and other press.

The next step is working on what will happen to this show in future, keep your eyes peeled.

IMG_5101IMG_5177 IMG_5147

spaceship program AD

THIS MONTH marks the Australian debut of Captain Spaceship which I am super excited about! I’ve got some of Perth’s best improvisers to play the BRAND NEW SPACESHIP CREW and it’s shaping up to be a great month of shows, be sure to check it every Thursday in November at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den at 7:30pm. Say the password “Beam Me Up Scotty” for a half price ticket to the first show on the 7th! THAT’S A MEASLY $5!


COMING SOON another Canadian show debuts in Oz! I will getting ROTTEN again and rocking that hideous bright orange hair again when Vicious Circles makes it’s way to Perth and Adelaide for a few festivals early 2014 and I for one, cannot wait for Aussies to see the sweatiest, dirtiest, more-drugged fucked punk-rock play ever. Keep an eye for “official” announcements for dates and venues soon! In the meantime you can help support the show by donating to the VICIOUS CIRCLE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN here and help pay to bring over the Montreal cast. We would really like it if you did that.

Images from TRAMPOLINE by Mitchell Richards. Image from VICIOUS CIRCLES by Louis Longpré.


6 07 2013

Last week, after ten months and nine amazing “episodes” (including a motherflippin’ XMAS SPECIAL!) the crew of Captain Spaceship just had their final mission at Mainline Theatre (But for HOW LONG!?). The finale was bitter-sweet, funny, silly, spacey, timey-wimey and even a little sentimental; all the things I’ve come to love about this format!

This on-going sci-fi improv series has been one of the funniest and most rewarding shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with. The incredibly talented cast, that really was the best of the best, made my stupid idea come alive and took it too places I never thought imaginable. I was thrilled to see how quickly audiences embraced the show and gave us our own little cult following (cult followings are cool). I have had such a blast living out the adventure of these crazy characters, I do hope we get to do this again sometime. Plans are already underway for Captain Spaceship Down-under and a follow up series in Montreal next year, so stay tuned Spaceshippers, the Captain is just locked in stasis…for now.


I want to take this opportunity to thank my incredible cast Lea Rondot, Pat Dussault, Dan Jeannotte, Lise Vigneault, Matt Goldberg, Marc Rowland and Kirsten Rasmussen as well as all the incredible guest stars who appeared throughout the series: Dan Derkson, Jess Fildes, Anders Yates, Colin Munch, Brent Skagford, Vinny Francois and the mighty Vance Gillies!

Thanks also to the fine folks at Mainline Theatre, Especially Amy Blackmore, Al Lafrance and out awesome techie Emily Thorne. Big thanks also to Jeremy Hechtman who got the ball rolling on this project and without whom, it might never have happened.


Here’s a little bonus for hardcore Spaceship Fans (PASSWORD: 0507MLbeta)


CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER 4 smaller CAPTAIN SPACESHIP XMAS POSTER smweb CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER RED VeRSION sm web CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER smaller res08. Vargus 02. Glamour 01. 01 03. Chubs 06. Redshirt 04. Roads05. Crimsontop07. Captain


27 06 2013




30 01 2013

Hey gang, I’ve been writing a bunch of new stuff.  Here’s a few things you might wanna check out.

GUEST BLOG:Gentlemen, To Your Collaboration Stations.” A behind the scenes look at creating CAPTAIN SPACESHIP. Written for La Hacedora ~ The Creatoress ~ La Creatrice, the website of Daniela Smith-Fernández, who did all the probs and costume work on the show.

WEEKLY STORY: “The Ballad Of Frank Allen” an ongoing story about a tiny man that lives in my friend Al’s beard. For Bloody Underrated.

I also highly recommend checking out Matt’s Dream Journal.

Finally, here’s a half finished work for an up coming SPIN CHORUS project.



P.S. Montrealers, don’t forget that Captain Spaceship is happening at Mainline THIS FRIDAY!

photo (4)


23 01 2013

Next show is Friday Feb 1st at Mainline Theatre. Book HERE!



28 11 2012

I am pleased to announce THE CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL happening at The Montreal Improv this December!

It’s going to be awesome! We will be celebrating the holidays with the crew of the S.S. Space Spaceship, making up a brand new episode of the Sci-Fi Comedy Serial right before your crazy eggnog fueled eyes!

If you’re already a fan of the show or haven’t made it along YET but want to catch up, you can find out all about what’s happened in Episode’s 1&2 on our CAPTAIN SPACESHIP TUMBLR PAGE. While you’re there you also might wanna check out Matt’s Dream Journal. Just sayin’.

In other news my self-published book SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT IN THE PLAYGROUND did pretty well at the Bloody Underrated table at Expozine and I had an awesome time. The rest of the books will be available to buy through the merch page of this website very soon, keep an eye out.

EDIT – If you’re in Montreal and wanna get your hand on my book, you can get it THIS SUNDAY (Dec 9th) at the BLOODY UNDERRATED table at St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival’s GalerieFRINGE at Mainline Theatre from Noon til about 8 I believe, you can also get your greasy paws on the BU Presents, Mostly Dinosaurs and B.O.A.T.S. comics…all of which I highly recommend! So got get some sweet art then head to The Montreal Improv for CAPTAIN SPACESHIP! Sunday, sorted. You’re welcome.



Captain Spaceship Trading Cards

4 11 2012

So we’re two episodes into my new Improv Sci-Fi serial CAPTAIN SPACESHIP and it’s going super well. It’s being quite well-received so far and the cast is bloody amazing.

So, I decided to make us into trading cards…











The show is running every month so keep an eye out on my show dates page for dates/times or check out the CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CAPTAINS LOG, which is our encyclopedia page for all things that have happened on the show…


20 09 2012

Just announced is my brand new show CAPTAIN SPACESHIP, an Improvised Comedy Sci-Fi Serial!

It’s an exciting project with an insanely talented team involved, so I’m super excited to see what we can do with it…

Weeping Spoon Productions presents
An Improvised Comedy Sci-Fi Serial Adventure!

Join Captain Spaceship and his crew of intergalactic riff-raff as they travel through time and space exploring the cosmos, discovering new unchartered worlds and narrowly avoid copyright infringement.

Inspired by 1950’s Sci-fi serials, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, Red Dwarf and 90210; The Captain and his crew will make up their ongoing epic adventures live onstage aided by the audience’s suggestions. They could end up anywhere and anyWHEN and will have only their sharp improv skills, some cheap costumes and maybe some lasers to defend themselves.So go where no man (or woman, or alien) has gone before as some of Montreal’s best improvisers (including members of The Big HOO-HAA, Uncalled For and Montreal Improv) plus an interstellar cast of talented guest stars brave the vacuum of space to protect mankind from the unknown…

Set phasers to FUN! *Cough*

Friday 5 October 2012 8pm
Thursday 1 November 2012 8pm
Friday 4 January 2013 8pm

Regular : 12.00$
People in Sci-Fi Costumes : 10.00$