Team Trampoline talk to Edge Of The City

26 08 2015


While in Montreal, Whitney and I took time out from out tour to chat to my favourite local Podcast Edge Of The City! We talked about the tour, Trampoline and played some very serious dice game. You can listen to the entire thing HERE!


25 08 2015


So a few years ago I started a dumb little award ceremony at the end of The Edmonton Fringe and this year Murray Utas, The big boss man of the Festival, invited me to present them as part of the closing night celebrations in addition to the “proper” fringe awards. Pretty fun stuff. Fun awesome festival. So for those that were there and for those that are curious, here are the 2015 ZACKIE AWARD WINNERS!

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00. We came saw we conquered AWARD Attendance and participation

WINNER- Everyone!

1.”Hi I’m a dear award – for most endearing portrayal of an animal in a show”
WINNER – Sam Mullins (accepted by Devin Mackenzie)
Honorable mentions – Lawrence & Bever Play Bingo, Bear Dreams, Caws And Effect, Hip-Bangs slow fighting sloths & Shirley Gnome’s camel toe.

2. The Sam Mullins Award for most MIA fringer

WINNER- Sam Mullins

3. The BURN THE WITCH! Show me how that stinking shoe trick is done you harry potter motherfucker

WINNER- Travis Bernhardt

4. Winning streak Best beard award
WINNER – Leif Ingebrigtsen (from Beautiful Nonsense)
Hon mentions – James Jordan, Richard Martizer , Ross Vegas, Kevin from LNC

5. Honey I Shrunk The Fringe Award for littlest fringers –
*The Cast of Fiddler On The Roof couldn’t be there to win because their show was still going
WINNER – Jon Bennett

6. I wanna Spin that propeller yank that scarf award  – Sexy clowns
WINNER- Beau And Aero
Hon mentions – every other clown show

7. The mask doesn’t move and i don’t understand this and I’m scared and hows he gonna fuck the moon nononononono I’m scared – 3 stars Award


8. I got your dick right here and he says congrats on your stupid award Award

WINNER – Tara Travis (from Searching For Dick)

9. The Your happiness and relationship stability makes me sick award (for Cutest couple) Award

Hon mentions- richard&ingrid, beau&aero, martin&vanesssa, tim motely&anyone, erica&paul, jess&chloe (claws and effect) tom&amy
WINNERS – Peter ‘n Chris

10. Self indulgent award for sexiest Australian

WINNER – Whitney Richards (Trampoline)

11. The Are you human? Are you kind? That goat song is never ever leaving my brain and i dont ever want it to award (for most whimsical show)-

WINNER – Yanomi from Kiss Around Pass Around

12. Man if this keeps up I could get four solo shows out of this award for Best Dead grandparent show

WINNER – Katie Dorian (How Often Do I Dream?)
Hon mentions – Andrew Bailey, Adam Bailey and Sam Mullins

13. The Lyle Lovett commemorative golden kazoo award for the funniest musical ladies

WINNER – Shirley Gnome and the Famous Haydel Sisters

14. The Let Me Win An Award Because I Never Win Awards Award

WINNER -Bike Boy

15. That just ain’t Reich award – most swastikas on your poster

WINNER – ingrid garner from Eleanor’s Story

16. The Come flyer with me come flier lets flier away Award – for amazing dedication and scheduling of hand billing

WINNER – Andrew Bailey

17. Breast of Fest Award (for great fringe exposure)

WINNER- Thea fitz-james (Naked Ladies)
Hon mentions – Rosie Bits,  Eleanor O’brien,  Oh Manada and the #yegfringefemmes collective

18. The Jem Rolls award for most jemmy Jem Rolls of the fest Jem Rolls lifetime achievement award


And finally

The Thanks for Letting me Do My Stupid Awards at your awesome fringe award

WINNER – Murray Utas (Festival Director)



Two more “This Is Not A Love Song” reviews

1 09 2014

Our show This Is Not A Love Song is going great guns in Perth and head to Melbourne later this month. Here’s what Australian Stage had to say:

“Greg Fleet’s first theatre play is full of memories, tears, laughter and Good Music… Shane Adamczak is perfect …natural and believable, with comic-dramatic gold … His strong vocal skills work well with the clear sweetness of Tegan Mulvany’s voice as they sing duets. …Not a comedy, but not a kitchen sink drama, either, This is Not a Love Song feels suspiciously autobiographical and peculiarly intimate, providing insights into Greg Fleet’s life and loves, haunting with melodies arranged to tug at the heart strings. “


_D602815We Also had another great review come out of Perth Theatre Reviews. Check out that full review HERE.


24 08 2014


There’s been some sweet press about the great new show This Is Not A Love Song currently playing at The Blue Room Theatre, the season is selling out really fast, so book tickets for Perth or Melbourne online now to avoid missing out!

Here’s few of the thing that have been popping up.

Interview with Greg Fleet – XPress Magazine (Aug ’14)

Interview With Greg Fleet – The Blue Room Website

Review – The West Australia (Aug ’14)

Review – ITA (Aug ’14)


Images by Paul Robinson


20 07 2014

Very excited to let you know that I’m in a new play called THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG* written by Australian Comedy legend Greg Fleet, directed by Hoo-Haa’s own Tegan Mulvany, starring the three of us PLUS live music by the insanely talented Michael de Grussa (Who I have worked with on Checkout The Musical and various Zack Adams projects!)

We are super excited to debuting this show at The Blue Room Theatre in Perth before we take it to Melbourne. If you want to know more and would even like to help us crowd-fund our tour, check out our Indiegogo page and you can get some awesome stuff as rewards (including original artwork and/or mix tapes by your truly)!

*This is pretty interesting if the realise that the last major role I played was Johnny Rotten…THIS IS NOT AN A3 Poster MK1 webready

Questionable At Best: More awesome Montreal podcast action

1 06 2014

My very funny friend DeAnne Smith invited me to be on her podcast “Questionable At Best.” Each week, she and a guest attempt to answer life’s big questions and have a great time doing it. We did a super fun “Would You Rather…” edition, check it out HERE.


You can also check out DeAnne’s first appearance on UP LATE LIVE here.

And just for fun, here’s an episode of her web series Life Made EZ in which I featured.

A few new Trampoline Reviews

14 05 2014

There’s been some lovely reviews popping up around Montreal (and one from our recent Perth season) that I thought I’d share.  We still have three shows left May 14, 16 and 17 at Mainline Theatre, tickets available ONLINE or at the door!

“Adamczak’s trademark lighthearted humour will appreciate an interesting change of pace as this dark comedy reveals moments of real heartbreak… But that’s not to say your face won’t hurt from laughing as you leave the theatre. Layered and touching, Trampoline is a gorgeous piece of theatre you won’t soon forget.” -Bloody Underrated

trampoine by lou4

“This is a well written and cleverly acted play that will delight and amuse but also make you questions your notions of normal” – The Australian Times

“Adamczak again displays his natural ability to completely immerse himself in his characters and draw the audience into his world. Along with the equally excellent performances by Stevie and Vance  the play is both touching and hilarious.” – Culture Plus

Bloody Underrated – Review, May 2014

The Australian Times – Review, May 2014

Culture Plus, Montreal – Review, May 2014

Montreal Rampage – Review, May 2014

Daybreak, CBC Montreal – Interview, Audio (Scroll down to “Fringe Favourite back with feature play” story)


trampoine by lou2 trampoine by lou3

Photos from the debut Montreal production by by Louis Longpré

Trampoline – Week 2 – REVIEWS

14 10 2013

“Adamczak, takes that idea of boy meets girl and turns it on its head, creating a wonderfully absurd piece that will have you laughing in your seat….Trampoline is easily one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while; a darkly comic take on a familiar theme, which will have you laughing right from the outset.” – The AU Review

The show is off to a great start, a completely sold out first week and some great reviews starting to pop up (will post more as they come out). I am joyfully overwhelmed with the response* so far and am extremely proud of everyone involved in this show. But there’s still work to be done…

Good tickets still available for the rest of the season, but are selling fast, so if you don’t want to miss out (and you don’t want to miss out, do you?!) make sure you book through The Blue Room Theatre Website. Booking in advance is fun and easy. We like when you do it.

Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 09

“ This dark comedy is equal parts touching, funny, awkward and sad, and the characters will tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go.” – (Canada)

“The three-person cast were incredible, clearly experienced performers, who immersed themselves in their roles and drew the audience into the tale from the very beginning. …The 60 minute play was performed without a hitch, and was, and is likely to remain, the most enjoyable hour of my week. I cannot recommend this production more highly.” – Colosoul Magazine

“Shane has skilfully constructed a superb script with several genres of comedy, from subtle to slapstick, all smoothly blended…The acting under the directorship of Damon Lockwood was wonderful. The expressions, characterisation, accents and body language were well-observed and fully exploited, to achieve maximum fun…One of the Blue Room’s funniest shows for a long time. Great team work. Highly recommended.” – Theatre Australia

*I don’t know if I can treat it as a credible media source, but a friend’s teenage daughter told me she liked the show “Even more than WICKED” which really made me smile.

Trampoline Interviews

29 09 2013

Check this “Centre Stage With” interview I did with the good people at The Blue Room Theatre, where my latest work TRAMPOLINE makes its Planet Earth debut NEXT WEEK!

Here’s another interview I did with Out-In-Perth.


Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 07

Trampoline Poster

11 09 2013

Pretty keen to show y’all this… the brand new poster for TRAMPOLINE! Let me know what you think…

Tickets on sale now!

We also have an Auslan interpreted show and had two of the signers in to check out todays’ rehearsal. I’m really excited about it.

trampoline poster for web