Trampoline – Week 2 – REVIEWS

14 10 2013

“Adamczak, takes that idea of boy meets girl and turns it on its head, creating a wonderfully absurd piece that will have you laughing in your seat….Trampoline is easily one of the funniest plays I have seen in a while; a darkly comic take on a familiar theme, which will have you laughing right from the outset.” – The AU Review

The show is off to a great start, a completely sold out first week and some great reviews starting to pop up (will post more as they come out). I am joyfully overwhelmed with the response* so far and am extremely proud of everyone involved in this show. But there’s still work to be done…

Good tickets still available for the rest of the season, but are selling fast, so if you don’t want to miss out (and you don’t want to miss out, do you?!) make sure you book through The Blue Room Theatre Website. Booking in advance is fun and easy. We like when you do it.

Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 09

“ This dark comedy is equal parts touching, funny, awkward and sad, and the characters will tug at your heartstrings and refuse to let go.” – (Canada)

“The three-person cast were incredible, clearly experienced performers, who immersed themselves in their roles and drew the audience into the tale from the very beginning. …The 60 minute play was performed without a hitch, and was, and is likely to remain, the most enjoyable hour of my week. I cannot recommend this production more highly.” – Colosoul Magazine

“Shane has skilfully constructed a superb script with several genres of comedy, from subtle to slapstick, all smoothly blended…The acting under the directorship of Damon Lockwood was wonderful. The expressions, characterisation, accents and body language were well-observed and fully exploited, to achieve maximum fun…One of the Blue Room’s funniest shows for a long time. Great team work. Highly recommended.” – Theatre Australia

*I don’t know if I can treat it as a credible media source, but a friend’s teenage daughter told me she liked the show “Even more than WICKED” which really made me smile.

Trampoline Interviews

29 09 2013

Check this “Centre Stage With” interview I did with the good people at The Blue Room Theatre, where my latest work TRAMPOLINE makes its Planet Earth debut NEXT WEEK!

Here’s another interview I did with Out-In-Perth.


Trampoline (Image by Mitchell Richards) 07

Trampoline Poster

11 09 2013

Pretty keen to show y’all this… the brand new poster for TRAMPOLINE! Let me know what you think…

Tickets on sale now!

We also have an Auslan interpreted show and had two of the signers in to check out todays’ rehearsal. I’m really excited about it.

trampoline poster for web

TRAMPOLINE Teaser Trailer

6 09 2013

I haven’t been this excited about something I’ve written for a long while… I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Tickets on sale now on The Blue Room Theatre website.


6 07 2013

Last week, after ten months and nine amazing “episodes” (including a motherflippin’ XMAS SPECIAL!) the crew of Captain Spaceship just had their final mission at Mainline Theatre (But for HOW LONG!?). The finale was bitter-sweet, funny, silly, spacey, timey-wimey and even a little sentimental; all the things I’ve come to love about this format!

This on-going sci-fi improv series has been one of the funniest and most rewarding shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with. The incredibly talented cast, that really was the best of the best, made my stupid idea come alive and took it too places I never thought imaginable. I was thrilled to see how quickly audiences embraced the show and gave us our own little cult following (cult followings are cool). I have had such a blast living out the adventure of these crazy characters, I do hope we get to do this again sometime. Plans are already underway for Captain Spaceship Down-under and a follow up series in Montreal next year, so stay tuned Spaceshippers, the Captain is just locked in stasis…for now.


I want to take this opportunity to thank my incredible cast Lea Rondot, Pat Dussault, Dan Jeannotte, Lise Vigneault, Matt Goldberg, Marc Rowland and Kirsten Rasmussen as well as all the incredible guest stars who appeared throughout the series: Dan Derkson, Jess Fildes, Anders Yates, Colin Munch, Brent Skagford, Vinny Francois and the mighty Vance Gillies!

Thanks also to the fine folks at Mainline Theatre, Especially Amy Blackmore, Al Lafrance and out awesome techie Emily Thorne. Big thanks also to Jeremy Hechtman who got the ball rolling on this project and without whom, it might never have happened.


Here’s a little bonus for hardcore Spaceship Fans (PASSWORD: 0507MLbeta)


CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER 4 smaller CAPTAIN SPACESHIP XMAS POSTER smweb CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER RED VeRSION sm web CAPTAIN SPACESHIP POSTER smaller res08. Vargus 02. Glamour 01. 01 03. Chubs 06. Redshirt 04. Roads05. Crimsontop07. Captain


15 03 2013

Well the day is finally here kids, this is the very first episode of my new show Up Late Live which features star of Being Human, Alison Louder and my good friend who has just released her debut song for free on Bandcamp, Victoria Laberge.

Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as we do making  it!

You guys know how the internet works, so please, if you enjoy the show, please “like” it, subscribe to our YouTube channel  and most importantly share it around!


Up Late Live official launch date announced!

9 03 2013

Check out this brand new teaser promo for the show featuring snippets from the first few episodes and more importantly featuring the launch date which is THURSDAY MARCH 14TH 2013 (EST, so early March 15th if you’re in Australia)

If you’re super awesome and you want to help support the show, please share, subscribe to the channel, “like” and all those usual ways to show the love on the internet …but most importantly PLEASE WATCH AND ENJOY THE SHOW WEEKLY FROM MARCH 14TH !!!