11 04 2013

Here’s the special edition of Up Late Live that we filmed while on a road trip from Vegas to The Grand Canyon featuring my very good pals Ben Russell and Luke&Wyatt!


5 04 2013

Here’s the latest two episodes of my new show. Be sure to check out and subscribe to the UP LATE LIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL for all the latest bonus videos and to get each episode the moment it comes out!

The show seems to be “rating” pretty well and the feedback has been super encouraging. So thanks to all who have watched the show so far! You can always help us out by sending in questions, “liking”, “Subscribing” and most importantly SHARING the show around the internerds!

Up Late Live Episode 2.

22 03 2013

It’s Up Late Live with special guests Al Lafrance from BLOODY UNDERRATED and Sarah Jane Scouten!


18 03 2013

Thanks to everyone who has checked out/shared/commented about UP LATE LIVE so far! Really happy you guys are enjoying the show. There’s some amazing stuff coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, check out the UP LATE LIVE YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Today I will also be putting up some sweet bonus content including more songs from Victoria Laberge and an extended cut of Lea Rondot and I as Simon & Garfunkle.

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15 03 2013

Well the day is finally here kids, this is the very first episode of my new show Up Late Live which features star of Being Human, Alison Louder and my good friend who has just released her debut song for free on Bandcamp, Victoria Laberge.

Hopefully you guys enjoy it as much as we do making  it!

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Up Late Live official launch date announced!

9 03 2013

Check out this brand new teaser promo for the show featuring snippets from the first few episodes and more importantly featuring the launch date which is THURSDAY MARCH 14TH 2013 (EST, so early March 15th if you’re in Australia)

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