After #AugArts

1 09 2018


To say that I had been in a bit of an artist funk this year would be an understatement. I took several months off from theatre, deciding not to tour Canada for the first time  in almost ten years and was finding it hard to jump back into doing anything creative, even though I knew I was missing it badly. So, I decided to throw myself in the deep end.

I set myself a task for August this year. I wanted to try create and release a piece of art every day for the whole month. The parameters were that it could be anything, a painting, a video, a song, a sketch, just so long as it was art and I created it, big or small. It was challenging to say the least but fuck man, I am so happy I did it.

There were days I had lots of time and lots of motivation (see False Starts, Dayson, 1 Day EP, Kav sketch, Garbage truck song) and some days I really struggled to find the time, motivation or inspiration (see the many unfinished sketches I didn’t release) but I still did it, every day.

The response was overwhelmingly positive. The engagement with people when I asked for suggestions or ideas and the amount of people throwing me challenges was awesome. I’m stoked people enjoyed the vids and liked the pics and some people even bought the EP I created in one day, but essentially I really did this for myself, just to see if I could. To force myself to create again, try new things and see what, if anything, would come of it

So. What I did I learn?

  • By making my brain create something new, every day, even if I didn’t feel like, it spawned so many new ideas for project I will now pursue. It helped jump start that part of my brain that keeps me happy, warmed up and ticking along.
  • I discovered more about the kind of art I want to be creating
  • There’s an exciting vulnerability to releasing something raw and unpolished
  • Not everything I made was exactly as planned but there some stuff in there I’m actually really proud of and that I want to develop more. (I think the world deserves more Dayson Pokitz).
  • I pushed myself to learn and work in forms I’m not comfortable with and that felt amazing
  • Greenscreens are fucking fun and I have so many more overly ambitious plans now
  • You guys are far more likely to watch video content I post if I post it directly on Facebook, rather than Youtube, which I find really fucking annoying. You know it’s the same amount of effort, right?
  • Bad Shania Twain tattoo” is probably the funniest thing I will ever draw
  • If you want to make something …just do it. Even if it seems hard, ESPECIALLY if it seem hard.
  • I fucking love making art. I’ve never been more sure that this is what I’m supposed to be doing.


HUGE thanks to everyone who supported this project, especially all the people who made their own #AugArts projects throughout the month.

-S. 1/9/18