9-8-18 #AugArts

10 08 2018

9-8-18 “Double Shift” – Ink on paper

9-8-18 double shift

8-8-17 #AugArts

8 08 2018

I had a request to write an acrostic poem.


All I know is that



All art is



Or whenever

The inspiration

Strikes. Now


Challenge you to




Every spelling


7-8-18 #AugArts

7 08 2018

Weird experimental one tonight. Did a rough sketch from a photo, sharpie’d it onto a transparency and painted the underside like an old school animation cell. Couldn’t get a great pic of the final thing because it was still wet but you get the idea.



6-8-18 #AugArts

6 08 2018

MAIL CALL! Today I drew 6 weird little images and put them randomly into people’s mail boxes in my building.


5-8-18 #AugArts

5 08 2018

5-8-18 self portrait

#AugArts 5-8-18 Self portrait taken with #SonyA6000 and tweeked a little in Photoshop. My glasses have always formed a big part of my identity, here’s me stripped back aka “what I actually look like”. Also, blind.

#AugArts 4-8-18

4 08 2018
4-8-18 Took late night drawing requests from Facebook. Thanks to these five beautiful idiots for their suggestions
#AugArts #LateNightDrawingChallenge

#AugArts 3-8-18

3 08 2018

VOICEMAIL SONG – Today I tried to write a song in the time it took for a pizza to arrive. The real art project soon revealed itself. If you have my number, you have 24hrs from the time the gets posted!

#AugArts 2-8-18

2 08 2018

2-8-18 #AugArts took an old canvas from my failed theatre show Stasis and just painted over it. “Fuck Space” Acrylic on canvas. This was therapeutic.


#AugArts 1-8-18

1 08 2018

Line drawing01-08-18


1 08 2018

I am going to attempt to put out a piece of art everyday for the entire month of August. #AugArts