22 05 2012


Well the deadline has finally come and I am so excited to say that I went well and truely past my Pozible Project target! I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who pledged their hard-earned bucks to help me get my Canadian Tour on the road this year, I’ve been working hard on your reward gifts including Signed CDs, original artworks, Zack Adams collectables and even a few lucky buggers are getting a personal concert!

Ladies and gentleman, it’s with great pleasure and a billion humble thankyou’s that I present (in no particular order):


Vida Hustas

Chris Donnelly

Lauren Boon

Elizabeth Blue

Mattéo Marino

Arielle Gray

Bonnie Tessa Davies

Sinead McKeough

Betty McKeough

Emmet Nichols

Maureen Nichols

Naomi Brockwell

Danni Scott

Suzy Sofer

Samantha Young

Paul Grabovac

Adam Mitchell

Libby Klysz

Gregg Boalch

Ric Cairns

Anna Dinelli

Joe O’Connell

Tim Watts

Kymba Cahill

St John Cowcher

Sarah Reuben

Asha Henfry

Alexa Taylor

Chantal Adamczak

Lizzie Potter

Helen Leis

Kieran Knowles

Janelle Koenig

Andrea Gibbs

Julie Lagesse

Kyle Walmsley

Gita Bezard

Eliza Bentley

Sam Longley

Matt Tutt

Tess Waters

Jen Kelledy

Sophie Bolton

Danielle Andrews

Sleazy Boobs-Goodridge

Katya Shevtsov

Caitlin Croteau

Zoe Pepper

Adam Saint

Kerry O’Sullivan

Susannah Day

Brett Cullen

Bri Williams


Elly Squire


Special mention to the many other awesome people who helped by promoting the project online and the amazing staff at Pozible who were so helpful and supportive!



11 05 2012

Very exciting times, I’ve reached my Pozible project goal! Which means a few things: I am forever thankful to some truly amazingly rad people who have really helped me get to Canada AND I have some drawing, signing, posting and even some live performing to do for all these people in return! I’ve actually done a huge chunk of people personalised ‘toons already and I’m really digging them! The list of “COOLEST PEOPLE EVER” will be posted very soon!

I’ve sent my first batch of Poster/Flyer artwork to Canada to be printed. Exciting times.

FYI – The project deadline is still 11 days away (DEADLINE MAY 22nd) so it’s not too late to pledge some bucks and get your hands on the gifts I’ve created for y’all.