16 01 2013

I’ve very excited to announce a new project I’m working on for one of my favourite blogs BLOODY UNDERRATED I’m writing a series called The Ballad Of Frank Allen. It’s an ongoing tale of a tiny man who lives in my friend Al’s beard. First part goes up some time next week I think. I’ll let y’all know.

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2 01 2013

Holy Kites you guys, where did the year go? 2012 was year of BIG things, big moves, big changes, big tours and BIG shows! This year was full of surprises, travel, success, failures and meeting some of my new favourite people in the world and missing those favourites I haven’t seen in a while.

I won’t take up too much of your time (I’m actually surprised you’ve read this far) but here’s a few highlights of what happened at Zack Adams HQ. I hope you like hyperlinks.

  • Produced 2 sell-out seasons the 10yr anniversary production of CHECKOUT The Musical
  • Revamped the first ever Zack Adams show
  • Finished off a 6 year stint at Starlight with a life-changing 4 week visit to The NT
  • Represented WA at The National Theatre Sports Finals
  • Hoo-Haa-ed as much as I could before I left Australia
  • Had a successful Pozible campaign and drew a BUNCH of drawings for people
  • Climbed a MOUNTAIN!
  • I left Perth.
  • I release bunch of ZACK ADAMS music
  • I got trapped in Indonesia for 2 days
  • I tour Canada for three months, making friends and money along the way and losing my appendix to Steve Martin
  • I wrote a bunch of tour blogs for Bloody Underrated
  • I moved to Montreal.
  • My Aunt kicked cancer in the balls, I became a godfather, my baby brother got engaged, my dad bought a pinball machine. I liked all of these things very much.
  • I started CAPTAIN SPACESHIP with some of the best improvisers in Montreal
  • I lived out one of my dreams by starring in The Rocky Horror Show with the best cast ever
  • I started working with MSTC and we have a damn good time
  • I started semi-regular improv gigs with the awesome cats at Montreal Improv
  • I hanged around at Mainline Theatre, A LOT. Broke some people’s dreams during the Fringe Lottery.
  • Was chuffed to add spatterings of backing vocals to recordings by Maya Malkin and Emily Skahan (Both from the awesome band Motel Raphael)
  • I saw snow for the first time.
  • I bought a HUGE jacket long johns and winter boots as to “not die”
  • I drew a lot of stupid little drawings, sold them at EXPOZINE!
  • I cracked 10,000 tweets.
  • Ate a lot of toast
  • Drank a lot of these
  • This thing
  • Made the stupidest yet (not surprisingly) most popular video on my channel.
  • I laughed, I drank, I danced, I cried, I danced some more.

Here’s to a happy, healthy appendixless 2013. Look after yourself and each other, kids. Great things to come…

IMG_9702Not THIS, obviously…but other stuff…


31 12 2012


The stupidest thing I’ve ever made? You be the judge…


28 11 2012

I am pleased to announce THE CAPTAIN SPACESHIP CHRISTMAS SPECIAL happening at The Montreal Improv this December!

It’s going to be awesome! We will be celebrating the holidays with the crew of the S.S. Space Spaceship, making up a brand new episode of the Sci-Fi Comedy Serial right before your crazy eggnog fueled eyes!

If you’re already a fan of the show or haven’t made it along YET but want to catch up, you can find out all about what’s happened in Episode’s 1&2 on our CAPTAIN SPACESHIP TUMBLR PAGE. While you’re there you also might wanna check out Matt’s Dream Journal. Just sayin’.

In other news my self-published book SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT IN THE PLAYGROUND did pretty well at the Bloody Underrated table at Expozine and I had an awesome time. The rest of the books will be available to buy through the merch page of this website very soon, keep an eye out.

EDIT – If you’re in Montreal and wanna get your hand on my book, you can get it THIS SUNDAY (Dec 9th) at the BLOODY UNDERRATED table at St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival’s GalerieFRINGE at Mainline Theatre from Noon til about 8 I believe, you can also get your greasy paws on the BU Presents, Mostly Dinosaurs and B.O.A.T.S. comics…all of which I highly recommend! So got get some sweet art then head to The Montreal Improv for CAPTAIN SPACESHIP! Sunday, sorted. You’re welcome.



BEING BRAD – A short essay about me and ROCKY HORROR.

25 10 2012


(How could I NOT start this with that line!?)

We all know the story by now, Brad Majors (Asshole!) and Janet Weiss (Slut!), a couple of recently engaged white suburbanites break down on route to visit the teacher that introduced them, finding themselves at The Frankenstein Place, a mysterious castle belonging to Frank’n’Furter, a sciencetist who just so happens to also be a transsexual alien. Obviously. Meet Riff-Raff; a handyman, his sister Magenta; a domestic, Columbia; a groupie and a whole host of strange characters and you have THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. It’s a tale of science fiction double features, sexual awakening, Rock’n’Roll and above all, letting loose and having one helluva good time!


When I was about 13 years old, for my Birthday, on my insistence, my Mum took me to The Burswood Dome in Western Australian a on Saturday night to see Jason Donovan, Peter Rowsthorn, Alyssa-Jane Cook and Ally Fowler from The Chantoozies in THE NEW ROCKY HORROR SHOW. This thing was freakin amazing, the songs, the characters, the debauchery!  After that night I was hooked. I had never seen the film, I had never heard the music before that night (other than maybe The Time Warp on Hey Hey It’s Saturday), but I knew that somehow, some day I had to be a part of this. The first DVD I ever bought (of MANY) was the 25th Anniversary edition of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (replacing my by then slightly worn VHS copy) and I have since watched it more times than I can count.


Flash forward from that first night at The Burswood Dome about 16 years on and I find myself, an actor, in Winnipeg, on tour and I hear about a production of ROCKY happening in Montreal. I’m not in town for the auditions but as luck would have it, the producer contacts me and asks me send in a video audition for Brad Majors, a hero. I get the gig and find myself a few weeks later, back in Montreal in a creepy old church (that really did look like a Hunting Lodge for rich weirdos) fumbling my way through “Dammit Janet” at the first musical rehearsal. I thought to myself “Whoa, I get to sing THAT song! My job is to sing THAT song!”

Shit just got effing real.


Without getting to emotional or philosophical about it, the last two months have been a freakin’ privilege. It’s been a lot of hard work over the years and lot of strange circumstances that ended with me moving to Montreal and so, to be part of such an incredible production has already made it so worthwhile. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. To be able to work on not only, such a legendary, incredible show, but to get to work with such a ridiculously talented cast and crew has been an honour. There’s not much more you can ask for as actor, to not only step into the (high-heel) shoes of these well-known and obsessively well-loved characters, but to work with people who just as in love with the show and excited to be part of it.


Those that know me know that I’ve spent the last few years mostly doing solo work, so to work with an ensemble again after so long, and on something that I had not written/produced myself, was both exciting and super scary. But having a Production team and especially a Director with such a clear and great vision of where the show was going was very reassuring. I loved working with Philippe Gobeille (Director) whose sense of humour was very close to my own and made some great artistic choices and also allowed me to play within the role and find “MY Brad” and make him my own, I was never interesting in doing a Barry Bostwick impression. I think we found all something special in our characters and our songs and took the audience so much further beyond just “acting out the movie” on stage and you should all be really proud.



It’s pretty rarely that a production EXCOURAGES an audience to yell stuff at the cast, and I must admit, I was nervous about it at first, but it very quickly became such a great part of the show, like the audience was an extra (albeit occasionally disruptive) cast member. Of course the audience became a huge part of our show too, we all got be part of an EXPERIENCE.


To the cast and crew. Thank you. Holy kites, thank you! You all absolutely kicked this show in balls and OWNED each and every one of your roles. People are going to remember our Rocky Horror and again, I feel fucking honoured to have been part of it. Each and every one of you has touched my life (in some cases, my butt) in a way I cannot begin to explain (not my butt) and I will miss you all terribly. Please let’s do this again.


And to the lovely Stevie, thank you for being such a great partner in crime through all this. You never forget your first Janet, so thanks for being mine.


To conclude: I love this show, I loved being IN it, everyone involved and I especially LOVED our production of it. Over-sold houses, great reviews, standing ovations, the crowd dancing along, the memories…what more could we ask for?

See you all again soon at the late night (Rocky Horror) picture show…




14 07 2012

Currently heading into the end of Toronto Fringe, gearing up for a long road-trip to Winnipeg. I’ve been writing a few blogs for people and there’s two pieces I’m particularly proud of and seem to be getting a bit of attention.


The other, more recent one, inspired mostly by my experience of The Toronto Fringe so far is simply titled “FRINGE TIPS FOR YOUNG PLAYERS. (A GUIDE TO NOT BEING A D-BAG AT THE FRINGE…) BY SHANE “GRUMPY OLD MAN” ADAMCZAK

Check em out.

In Canada, have computer, will blog.

1 07 2012

So I’ve not been putting that much up on the blog part of my own site, because truth be told I’ve been really busy whoring my blog skills to other websites. I’m currently a guest Blogger during my tour this year talking about all thing fringey on killer website BLOODY UNDERRATED (here’s a link to my latest BLOG).

Victoria, who does a weekly comic for BU, drew this awesome strip which features a cameo by yours truly so though I’s share it…

ABOVE: Myself, Al from Bloody Underrate and Elizabeth Blue…Podcasters

I also did a super-fun Podcast with Al from Bloody Underrated, who chatted to me about tour stuff and even let me guest-program some tunes. Check that out HERE!

During Montreal Fringe I did another Podcast with the guys from 9to5 which featured my lovely Fringe pal Elizabeth Blue. You listen to us talk about our shows and all thing Montreal on the GO PLUG YOURSELF PODCAST HERE!

I also recently wrote a weird piece about Fringe Festivals for THE CHARLEBOIS POST which has just launched it’s new Toronto website.

So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to…THAT is what I’ve been up to.


Montreal Fringe Review!!!

22 06 2012