#AugArts 2-8-18

2 08 2018

2-8-18 #AugArts took an old canvas from my failed theatre show Stasis and just painted over it. “Fuck Space” Acrylic on canvas. This was therapeutic.


#AugArts 1-8-18

1 08 2018

Line drawing01-08-18


1 08 2018

I am going to attempt to put out a piece of art everyday for the entire month of August. #AugArts


31 07 2018

Results of the 5th annual Zackie awards – Part of the 2017 Edmonton Fringe Awards.

zackies 02
00. We came saw we conquered AWARD for Attendance and participation
We made it! Everyone gets an award award

01. Best dance show – Bill pats. Executing justice

02.  Oddly specific LASER! LASERS! LASERS! AWARD. Weirdest Show feat. A  Ginger, someone with glasses, someone with beard, a cute foreign accent and lasers.. LASER KIWI

03. FULL OF HOT AIR BALLOON AWARD – Best show at waterdale show feat aviators, balloons, parachute, stuffed cat, leaf blower, flash light, hot air balloon, googles

04. Best improv – (Can;t remember who won – I asked the audience for suggestion)

05. MINUS INFINITY STARS AWARD – Meanest, most mean spirited and most unprofessional review – Derek Owens 0 stars- Candy Bones. accepted by Ryan gunther for his review of reviews

06. For most unpronounable show – Mike and zits for zseratlicl : a Hungarian live story

07. My dad makes me do this award –  for best little busker – Levi Boland  scared boy who plays Adele

08. Breast of fest award- Lana Schwartz Love Lady Lump

09. Enjoy your profit share award – for ridiculously biggest cast – Days of the Klondike/Pagliacci

10. Sharing award – DK

zackies 03
11. Horses arse award for biggest horses arse…
Hon mentions to Peter n Chris, Scum girls, A SONG OF BUCEFULOUS

12.  . The JEM ROLLS Jem Rolls award for most jemmy Jem Rolls of the fest Jem Rolls lifetime achievement award – Jon Paterson


Zackie Awards 2016!

23 08 2016

Last night was the 4th (!) annual (ish) Zackie Awards, my silly in-joke awards as part of The Edmonton Fringe Festival! Once again the big boss man Murray Utas let me do them as part of the closing night Artist party. Below are all the categories, honourable mentions and winners as well as some great images by Thea Fitz-James.

zackie 05


00. We came saw we conquered AWARD Attendance and participation – everyone!

01. Mostache you a question award – beard/facial hair based show
Ricky Coates from Tesla
Half the battle
Mostache Bros food truck
Ballad Of Frank Allen
WINNER – Mostache party

02. Improv award best Improv show award: POWERCUB

03. 1.5 stars!? Are you fucking kidding me!? See this is what happens  when you sent the weekend food review intern to review a fringe show, award. Martin dockery


04. I aint aftaid of no ghost, whats love got to do with it award/cutest couple –

Martin and Vanessa, Hip Bang, Peter n Chris, Sadie and Ricky, Jeff and Sydney,
WINNER – Hitodama Daniel and Seri 

zackie 02

05. The if it aint broke dont fix it award for a raddest return season show
Shirley gnome
Gangle in search of cruise control
Little orange man
Perpetual wed
Zack zultana space gigalo (fool me once)
WINER – Steve Larkin – Nonce

06. Im having an absolute mothball award for most improved bathrooms – Steel Wheels

07. Dad says i have to play award – Cutest little fringer –Exploited violin girl, 12 year old keyboard boy busting out Adele who just seems scared….WINNER – Jon Bennett

08. Socket to me award– Steph Robert – Blindside

09. High fidelity – Your musical education begins today Award
Stef cedilot – Zeppelin was a cover band

zackies 08

10. Kfc finger picking goid award – Chase Pagent – nashville hurricane

11. Sorry ladies/hurray for ladies award. You’re my girlfriend but also yay feminism –  Thea Fitz-James

12. Come flyer with me come Flier lets Flier away award – Adam Bailey, Kelly Finnegan, Steve Parkin…
WINNER – Trina lee ferris

zaclies 09

13. You ruined thanksgiving award-  Anthony from Perpetual Wednesday and the girls from The Seminar

14. Breast of fest award best exposure – Cameryn Moore, Nerdfucker

15. Jem rolls award for most jemmy jem rolls of the fest jem rolls lifetime achievement award – Rob Gee

zackies 10

See ya next year gang! #Zackies2016 #YegFringe

zackie 07

Fringe Fest Fest 2016!

20 02 2016

Sorry it’s been a while between drinks folks!

Since our return for the 2015 TRAMPOLINE Canadian Tour, I’ve written, produced and directed a BRAND NEW SHOW! THE BALLAD OF FRANK ALLEN opened this week to sold our houses, ★★★★★ reviews and nice nomination for Best Theatre Show at the 2016 Fringe World Festival. Needless to say, I’m on top of the world that my new baby (being raised by myself and my fellow Weeping Spooner, St John Cowcher) has been so well received.

shane quote page

The new Weeping Spooners are doing a great job helping me usher in the new year with some exciting new projects too, big things ahead including 2 shows touring Canada later in the year! But next stop, THE ADELAIDE FRINGE! With both TRAMPOLINE and FRANK ALLEN at the mighty Tuxedo Cat. Tickets on sale now! Please come check them out if you’re in that neck of the woods!

WEEPING SPOON Double AdFringe 2016

Team Trampoline talk to Edge Of The City

26 08 2015


While in Montreal, Whitney and I took time out from out tour to chat to my favourite local Podcast Edge Of The City! We talked about the tour, Trampoline and played some very serious dice game. You can listen to the entire thing HERE!


25 08 2015


So a few years ago I started a dumb little award ceremony at the end of The Edmonton Fringe and this year Murray Utas, The big boss man of the Festival, invited me to present them as part of the closing night celebrations in addition to the “proper” fringe awards. Pretty fun stuff. Fun awesome festival. So for those that were there and for those that are curious, here are the 2015 ZACKIE AWARD WINNERS!

00000000000000000000000000000  000000000000000000000000000002


00. We came saw we conquered AWARD Attendance and participation

WINNER- Everyone!

1.”Hi I’m a dear award – for most endearing portrayal of an animal in a show”
WINNER – Sam Mullins (accepted by Devin Mackenzie)
Honorable mentions – Lawrence & Bever Play Bingo, Bear Dreams, Caws And Effect, Hip-Bangs slow fighting sloths & Shirley Gnome’s camel toe.

2. The Sam Mullins Award for most MIA fringer

WINNER- Sam Mullins

3. The BURN THE WITCH! Show me how that stinking shoe trick is done you harry potter motherfucker

WINNER- Travis Bernhardt

4. Winning streak Best beard award
WINNER – Leif Ingebrigtsen (from Beautiful Nonsense)
Hon mentions – James Jordan, Richard Martizer , Ross Vegas, Kevin from LNC

5. Honey I Shrunk The Fringe Award for littlest fringers –
*The Cast of Fiddler On The Roof couldn’t be there to win because their show was still going
WINNER – Jon Bennett

6. I wanna Spin that propeller yank that scarf award  – Sexy clowns
WINNER- Beau And Aero
Hon mentions – every other clown show

7. The mask doesn’t move and i don’t understand this and I’m scared and hows he gonna fuck the moon nononononono I’m scared – 3 stars Award


8. I got your dick right here and he says congrats on your stupid award Award

WINNER – Tara Travis (from Searching For Dick)

9. The Your happiness and relationship stability makes me sick award (for Cutest couple) Award

Hon mentions- richard&ingrid, beau&aero, martin&vanesssa, tim motely&anyone, erica&paul, jess&chloe (claws and effect) tom&amy
WINNERS – Peter ‘n Chris

10. Self indulgent award for sexiest Australian

WINNER – Whitney Richards (Trampoline)

11. The Are you human? Are you kind? That goat song is never ever leaving my brain and i dont ever want it to award (for most whimsical show)-

WINNER – Yanomi from Kiss Around Pass Around

12. Man if this keeps up I could get four solo shows out of this award for Best Dead grandparent show

WINNER – Katie Dorian (How Often Do I Dream?)
Hon mentions – Andrew Bailey, Adam Bailey and Sam Mullins

13. The Lyle Lovett commemorative golden kazoo award for the funniest musical ladies

WINNER – Shirley Gnome and the Famous Haydel Sisters

14. The Let Me Win An Award Because I Never Win Awards Award

WINNER -Bike Boy

15. That just ain’t Reich award – most swastikas on your poster

WINNER – ingrid garner from Eleanor’s Story

16. The Come flyer with me come flier lets flier away Award – for amazing dedication and scheduling of hand billing

WINNER – Andrew Bailey

17. Breast of Fest Award (for great fringe exposure)

WINNER- Thea fitz-james (Naked Ladies)
Hon mentions – Rosie Bits,  Eleanor O’brien,  Oh Manada and the #yegfringefemmes collective

18. The Jem Rolls award for most jemmy Jem Rolls of the fest Jem Rolls lifetime achievement award


And finally

The Thanks for Letting me Do My Stupid Awards at your awesome fringe award

WINNER – Murray Utas (Festival Director)




17 06 2015

Sound & Fury – Don’t fuck up the band.

28 03 2015

Sound and Fury h and j “I’m fucking up my favourite band…by playing in it” – Davey Lane, You Am I.

That is one of my favourite quotes from the You Am I documentary “The Cream and Crock” where Davey expressed his concern of not quite cutting the mustard when he first joined his favourite band. This kinda reflected how I felt about this summer. I have been a fan and friend of LA’s Sound And Fury for many years from touring a lot of the same Canadian Fringe Festivals (and more recently, the Australian Fringes) with them and so when they asked me to replace third troupe member Ryan for the Australian leg of their 2015 tour, I was firstly honoured, then excited and then absolutely terrified. S&F have been around as a troupe for over 17 years and have a strong following in Australia so I had big shoes to fill, two shows worth of lines to learn and a lot of people to try and impress. It was a really daunting task, but I love a challenge. I cut my teeth at Fringe World in Perth with a whirlwind week of performances of Hitchcocked and Hamlet & Juliet (insanely sandwiched between performances of my own show Trampoline) but it was really the Adelaide Fringe season of Hamlet & Juliet that I really started to find my feet. I started to feel more at home in the troupe, more comfortable improvising within the shows and trying out new jokes (mostly involving attempting to annoy Richard onstage) and putting my own goofy spin in the characters I played.

It was a whole new experience as an actor or improviser. We all have a similar sense of humour and while we’d all done a lot of improv but a S&F show is a whole different beast and it was a rewarding experience for me as a performer to challenge myself with something like this. It was important to me (and to the others) that I wasn’t just doing an impression of Ryan and the guys really made me like I had to the freedom to play around and make my spot in the troupe my own and I am forever grateful for that. The feedback from new, and perhaps more importantly, long time fans of S&F was overwhelmingly positive and it was lovely to be accepted as more than just “the new guy” or “not Ryan”.

Patrick and Richard, thank you both so much for all your hard work and for helping me feel so much part of the team. Ryan thanks for needing time to plan your wedding, you were very much missed this tour, but I’m sure glad I go to be the first ever Aussie Sound & Fury-er. I do hope we can all do it all again someday.

Some reviews, with a few mentions of me, not fucking up.

“We were also introduced to the filling-in Shane, found in Perth and more than capable of getting formidably silly in the best Sound & Fury tradition.” Rip it up ★★★★

“Forget the nunnery; get thee to Bally tent in Gluttony, where Hamlet and Juliet plays nightly “InDaily

“Joining Maritzer and long-standing member Patrick Hercamp for their Australian tour is Perth local, Shane Adamczak. He fits right in, despite the clash of accents” Glam Adelaide ★★★★

“Genuinely, laugh out loud funny” – Yaniism Blog